Introducing A New product from Hayzack sports LLC

    The Ice Rack is a new product that will give athletic trainers and other sports medicine professionals a quick, clean, and easy way to insure that their athletes stay hydrated with cold and clean water.

     Filling water bottles by hand can

be a long and potentially unsanitary

process. However the Ice Rack not

only drastically decreases the time

needed to fill a six-pack of bottles

but also decreases the chance of

exposing the water to unclean hands.

     The Ice Rack can be used at games, practices, and in the training room. Water bottles from most major athletics companies can be used with this product.The Ice Rack can also be used in conjunction

with a bottle caddy, and fits

on the caddies of brands

such as Gatorade, and

Powerade, insuring that

the bottles get filled and

out to the athletes in no time

at all.    Patent # 9,010,388

Manufactured: La Vernia ,Texas

Material Certification:  HPDE. this lot meets FDA requirements of 21CFR 177.1520. 

​              Patent # 9,010,388

Purchase Information

    If you're interested in purchasing the Ice Rack please contact us through the phone number, or email provided. You can also find updates at our Google+ page in the link provided in the contact info section.            Patent # 9,010,388

Distributors: Alert Services Inc , Medco Sports Medicine, Collins Sports Medicine, Centennial Sales,and Zip Medical Supplies.

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      Patent # 9,010,388.

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